Hanging Canvas Prints - Easy

February 23, 2016

Some time back I changed to reproducing my acrylic paintings onto canvas.

Producing giclee prints on canvas.  How does this affect the buyer?

 With a canvas print you can mount it onto a suitable MDF board, paint the edges of the mdf board and using a  photo mount adheasive, affix the canvas to the board. Trim the edges and hang! No Glass required. You could do the same and frame without glass just as you would if it were an original or you may frame the canvas under glass just as you would have if it were on paper with a mount and glass. A canvas giclee looks good however framed.


The canvas print is varnished with a coating which protects the surface and filters out UV rays. The pigment inks are of the latest technology for colour spectrum and fade resitance, so it is anticipated the life of the canvas print will be equal if not better in life time performance than other graphic art systems in the reproduction of fine art prints.


I will soon produce a piece on using canvas Giclee prints, mounting onto MDF for the DIY framer. My varnished giclee prints are supplied in a postal roll ready to mount, so it maybe be useful if you wish to make the print ready to hang yourself.

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